Importance of Website in Every Profession

Nowadays websites have become an essential part of not only business but every profession. Website makes strong impact on the image of profession. It becomes more important when you are concerned about exploring the opportunities worldwide. If you are into the business, an owner of small or medium or big company, or a professional or a free lancer you need to have your own website to explore the opportunities or to introduce yourself to your clients worldwide. 15% of world population i.e nearly 975 million people are internet users.


If you have no existence on internet in the shape of a website, it becomes impossible to reach out to each one of them. Websites have no boundaries and need no visa to cross borders which they do instantly. If you have a website, you are ‘international’ otherwise even your regional identity is in oblivion. Continue reading Importance of Website in Every Profession

How to save Time and Money

In this day and age most people are left wondering how to cope with the shortage of money and time.

Some say ‘time is money’ and some say ‘ money is time’. In fact both are losing both, time as well as money. If people start using some easy to learn tricks, they can save time and money both. So it’s “time” for you to learn some tricks that will help you save “money.”

Saving Money

You can save money by turning off the lights when they are not in use. In a single house you can save up to two hundred and fifty dollars ($250/-) a year by just switching of the lights when not in use.

This is just the beginning, if you follow the following tricks you can add immensely to the saved money by the end of year.

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Important Web Designing Tips

In this present cut throat competition in the market it becomes very essential for the business houses to expand their way to market the products or services to maximize the profit.


Business, now-a-days, is flourishing even over the web. Web designing is a popular IT department as websites are becoming more & more important in the businesses worldwide.

To develop a competitive web site or get it done by some professional set-up, you need to have basic knowledge of the subject. Here are some important tips for designing your personal website.

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15 Tips for being safe while Online

When you connect your PC to the Internet, you open up a whole new world of adventure and information for you and your family. Unfortunately, you also open up a new world of potential dangers viruses, spam, computer attacks, and more.

Header image: tips for being safe online

Fortunately, it’s easy to protect your pc and your family from these dangers. All you need to do is to follow some techniques and a lot of common sense! And in fact, the use of common sense would greatly reduce the issues that we face online.  By following the tips below and becoming actively engaged in your own security, you’ll not only be protecting yourself, you’ll be contributing to the protection of society and betterment of the Internet as a whole.

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Why and how to secure your wireless network

Most people don’t really realize the risk of leaving their wireless network wide open. I think they understand that it means that anyone can use their internet connection, but I don’t think they understand the issues beyond that. Honestly, here’s what an open wireless network allows a hacker to do:

  1. One can sniff all of your information going out to the internet including credit card numbers, social security numbers, pictures, chats, everything.
  2. One can browse through your files, email, etc. Let’s hope you don’t have any risqué pictures on your computer of yourself, because if you do, one can have them, too
  3. One can take over your computer, your web cam, your mic. So, not only will one can see all of your communications, can also be able to listen to you and watch you when you’re not even ON the computer Continue reading Why and how to secure your wireless network